Let’s find out about STRA Women’s Bikes from Monkline!

The majority of brand’s mountain bikes are unisex models.

What makes any bike a woman’s bike, is actually whether or not a woman is riding it.

The problem with only providing unisex models for both men and women is that these bikes are set up for the average rider.

The average rider still skews male which is around 30 pounds heavier than a woman of approximately the same height.

Men are also taller than women on average. This means that frames can be too big and standard shock tunes can be too stiff for women smaller, lighter riders.

Monkline bike address this issue by making women’s specific models. It used to be more common to build women’s bikes from the ground up with unique geometry. Now Monkline provide frames with lighter shock tunes, different colors, and women’s specific touchpoints. These touchpoints include women’s saddles, smaller grips, and sometimes shorter cranks and narrower handlebars. Setting frame design aside, we find sizing and shock tunes to be the most essential elements of a women’s mountain bike.

First, a bike has to fit. Monkline women’s MTB is smaller, lighter and has specific touchpoints.

Second, its fork and shock need to respond to small impacts and use their full travel range on larger hits.

With above essential elements Monkline’s Stra is a functioning mountain bike with right size for women.

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